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My name is Tomáš Válek. I studied Information Technology (IT) at Brno University of Technology, where i graduated as IT programmer. (More informations about my study program here). The IT field is one of my biggest hobby since I was a child. I concetrate mainly on mobile apps as freelancer, web development less as part-time.

My free time is filled with my friends, doing hiking and walking tours somewhere in the wild nature and I really like to dance too. It has been few months now that i started to dance intensively Bachata/Kizomba. Aside from this, I am really interested in healthy ways/diets of living, in good and balanced food and nourishment and Green Ways is one of them, for sure. Last but not least, to keep my life harmonious and fresh, i need/love to work on new interesting and meaningful projects which inspire people and give us more freedom.

Like to do

GreenWays s.r.o.2016 – Partner Green Ways Ltd.

Distributor of GW nourishment (young Barley & Chlorella Pyrenoidosa) through network Fibonacci Marketing. Meeting new people, improving their health, physical, mental, financial states. Focusing on personal and collective grow, uniting communities of equally keen and people, forming better and valuable way of living.

dashcamtravel icon2016 – Android: DashCam Travel

A simple and user-friendly DashCam Travel application used as a camera and video-recorder to the car . It's very useful to save videos from traffic accidents (disclosure of evidence), unexpected situations or interesting moments.

affirmations icon2015 – Android: Affirmations

Likeable app. for every day use, bringing you positive affirmations and pictures, where you can also add yours and make them public and visible for all. Link to web version.

Work done

eMan s.r.o.2019 – eMan Ltd.

Development of Android applications for ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

ke icon2013 – 2018 Application development Kadlec-elektronika Ltd.

Focus on web developments and applications for internet ordering and queuing system. The app. contains extensive configurations of ordering. Structure: data model, MySQL DB, server (PHP), interface JSON and SOAP. On the client side is a single page application in Javascript language with AJAX requests. Other: development of advertising web. displays, web. applications closely associated with the queuing system.

Migracni objekty icon2014 – Android: Migrační objekty

The electronic app serving to replace paper-form of maps, UI according to clients requests.

autoalternativ icon2014 – Android: Autoalternativ

The app. helps to get/change actual price of a LPG fuel provider on a web.

eye icon2013 – Tracking Air Pollutants by Using Wireless Sensor Network

This thesis discusses how to design and create a prototype of a device and how to implement a firmware as an embedded system. The main function is to wirelessly monitor an amount of pollutants concentrations like carbon monoxide and propane-butane in atmosphere. The main goal of the thesis is to allow vehicles with an engine gaseous fuel to park underground together with other non LPG cars and observe the standart rule: CSN 73 6058. The prototype of the device has been suggested to be used not only in collective garages but also in family houses. The device was successfully designed and programmed so that it can be produced in real-world conditions.

The principle of device.

The principle of device is on the left picture. The whole device is controlled by device ZigBit ATZB-24-A2 from Atmel. The ZigBit enable/disable power to the sensors or changing the voltage on the CO (carbon-mono-oxide) sensor over power management. The output of the sensors is analog, so they must be processed through the analog-to-digital converter. The processed value is sent wirelessly to the coordinator. The coordinator gather all measured values from sensors and via USB cable is sent to virtual serial port to a PC to any processing.

multi-hop communication

The picture on the right side explains the possibility of multi-hop communication. This means, devices with sensors could not be wirelessly connected directly to the coordinator, but they could be wirelessly connected to other devices (in pictures called a router) and enlarge area of the whole network.

Simply changing the sensors and modifying the firmware, can be monitored e.g.: methane, butane, LPG, CNG, smoke, alcohol, ethanol, hydrogen, ammonia, toluene, acetone, etc. If you need to monitoring other variables (temperature, humidity, pressure, water flow, vibration, etc ...), I can propose a completely new hardware and programming the new firmware.

Bachelor thesis
  • Rating of leader B.
  • Rating of opponent B.
  • The defense at the state final examination in 2013 A.

If you are interested in producing (and other) embedded system contact me.

DPS. Embedded system connected to PC via USB.

Warning: Beware of plagiarism.

Fit icon Projects from the Faculty of Information Technology

Network Applications and Network Administration (ISA)

[C] Traceroute IPv4/IPv6

[PDF] Traceroute IPv4/IPv6

Digital Systems Design (INC)

[VHDL] Access terminal

Database Systems (IDS)

[PDF] E-R diagram Car service

[SQL] Creating a database

[SQL] Select queries

Introduction to Software Engineering (IUS)

[PDF] Documentation (Use-case diagram, Detail of use-case, E-R diagram)

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (IZU)

[C] State space search method A*

[Prolog] Prolog


Introduction to Programming Systems (IZP)

[C] Convert time data

[C] Iterative calculations

[C] Matrix operations

[C] Czech sorting (CSN976030)

Formal Languages and Compilers (IFJ)

[C] Lexical analyser

[PDF] Documentation

[PDF] Defense

Design of Computer Systems (INP)

[VHDL] Control of matrix display

[VHDL] Processor with a simple instruction set

Microprocessors and Embedded Systems (IMP)

[C] Communication microcontrollers MC9S08JM60 through IIC

[PDF] Communication microcontrollers MC9S08JM60 through IIC

[Assembly] Communication through SCI

[Assembly] Detection of button presses

[C] Pulse width modulation

[C] Signal sampling

Typography and Publishing (ITY)

[LaTeX] Plain and hybrid typesetting

[PDF] Plain and hybrid typesetting

[LaTeX] Typesetting with mathematical expressions

[PDF] Typesetting with mathematical expressions

[LaTeX] Typesetting with tables and pictures

[PDF] Typesetting with tables and pictures

[LaTeX] Typesetting and bibliographies

[PDF] Typesetting and bibliographies

Algorithms (IAL)

[C] One-way linear list

[C] Stack

[C] Two-way linear list

[C] Hash table

[C] Recursive operations on binary search tree

[C] Non-recursive operations on binary search tree

Java Programming Language (IJA)

The project was a team of two members. A colleague don't wish show his source code, there is only mine.

[Java] Simulator of Petri net (server)

[Java] Simulator of Petri net (client)

[Java] Simulator of Petri net (registration of customer)

Sample (video)

Computer Communications and Networks (IPK)

[C] Simple web. client

[C] Simple client/server

[PDF] Simple client/server

[C] Reliable communication RDT over UDP

Principles of Programming Languages (IPP)

[Perl] Syntax highlight

[PDF] Syntax highlight

[Python] C Header Analysis in Python3

[PDF] C Header Analysis in Python3

Operating Systems (IOS)

[Bash] Syntax highlight strace

[Bash] Diff. of changes in archives

[C] Synchronization of processes – sleeping barber problem

Skills and experiences

Actual development and technology

Earlier development and technology